Square and Cubic Root Calculator

The roots calculator provides an easy-to-use interface for calculating roots for any number. It allows users to understand how to calculate roots, whether they are square roots, cubic roots, or any other type.

Roots are calculated as follows:

  • The value under the root raised to the power of 1 divided by the root value:
  • Result = Value under the root^(1/Root value)
    y = x^(1/n)
  • Note: There are no roots for negative values.
You can also use the following calculator to find the root value:

Square and Cubic Root Calculator

Square Root Calculator

Cubic Root Calculator

Root Calculator for Any Desired Number

In mathematics, the general root of an integer (s) is defined by another number represented by the letter (b), such that the result of repeatedly multiplying this number by itself n times equals (s). This is expressed in the equation:



Root Estimation

Some common roots include the square root (n=2) and the cubic root (n=3). Calculating square and cubic roots requires estimation and trial.

To calculate √s:

  1. Estimate a number named (b).
  2. Divide (s) by (b). If the resulting number (c) is accurate to the desired decimal place, stop.
  3. Calculate the average between (b) and (c) and use the result as a new estimate.
  4. Repeat step two.


Finding ³√125 approximated to 3 decimal places:

Estimation: 5.432
125 ÷ 5.432³ = 5.452
(5.432 × 3 + 5.452) / 4 = 5.447
125 ÷ 5.447³ = 5.445
(5.445 × 3 + 5.447) / 4 = 5.446

It can be inferred from this that continuing the calculation will lead to a number approximating 5.446, making it the final estimation to 3 decimal places.

Square Root

The square root in mathematics is the positive real number (r) that, when multiplied by itself, equals the number (s). For example, the square root of 16 is the number 4, as 4 multiplied by itself gives the result 16. In mathematics, the symbol √ is used to represent the square root, and the expression can be read as "the square root of 16 is equal to 4."


Let's calculate the square root of 49. Using the square root symbol √, the calculation is as follows:

√49 = 7

Here, the square root of 49 is 7, as 7 multiplied by itself equals 49.

Cubic Root

The cubic root is defined as the number that, when multiplied by itself twice, equals the number (s). The cubic root is represented using the symbol ³√, and it denotes the third root of the number. An example of the cubic root is ³√27 = 3; where 3 raised to the cubic power twice equals 27.

Square and Cubic Root Calculator Program

Many may not know how to calculate square and cubic roots using a calculator for any number, or they may lack a calculator with root functionality. Fortunately, we have developed a simple program that performs these operations in less than a second. All you need to do is enter the number in the designated field and then click the "Calculate" button to obtain the square or cubic root value, displayed on the screen.

Note: Examples and details can be modified to fit the context of the application or website.