Calculate Silver Zakat for Any Purity

The Silver Zakat Calculator is a tool used to calculate the amount of Zakat due on silver according to Islamic Sharia rules. This calculator is used to calculate the financial amount that must be paid as Zakat on owned silver.

Silver Zakat


How to Calculate Silver Zakat

The equation relies on several variables and parameters, including the weight of silver, the gram price, and the type of calendar (Hijri or Gregorian). The Zakat threshold for silver (nisab) is determined, and it is set at 595 grams according to the provided equation.

If the weight of silver exceeds the Zakat threshold, then Silver Zakat becomes due. The value of Silver Zakat is calculated using a specified percentage for Zakat. The Zakat percentage considered can either be based on the Hijri calendar (2.5%) or the Gregorian calendar (2.577%), depending on the selected calendar.

After calculating the value of Silver Zakat, the amount is adjusted appropriately for presentation, and the final value of Silver Zakat along with the monetary amount is provided.

The calculator provides the final results in the form of an object containing the amount of Silver Zakat, the status of Silver Zakat (required or not), the Zakat threshold for silver, and the monetary amount of Silver Zakat.

Source: Islamic Relief Worldwide
Last Reviewed On: 04/07/2023