Calculate Fruits Zakat

The Fruits Zakat Calculator is a tool used to calculate the eligible zakat amount for fruits in accordance with Islamic Sharia laws. This calculator is used to determine the financial amount that must be paid as zakat for harvested fruits.

Fruits Zakat


Fruits Zakat Calculator

The calculator takes three parameters:
  • Fruit Weight (in kilograms)
  • Price per kilogram of fruit
  • Irrigation Method
The calculator calculates the Zakat for fruits based on the following factors:
  • If irrigation is free, the Zakat rate is 10%
  • If irrigation incurs full cost, the Zakat rate is 5%
  • If irrigation incurs average cost, the Zakat rate is 7.5%
Then, the Zakat value for fruits is calculated in kilograms and monetary value based on weight, Zakat rate, and the price per kilogram of fruit. The minimum Zakat threshold for fruits is set at 635 kilograms.

The calculator returns the result in an object containing the following information:
  • Zakat value for fruits in kilograms.
  • Monetary value of Zakat for fruits.
  • Minimum Zakat threshold for fruits.

Source: IslamWeb
Last Reviewed On: 05/07/2023