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Welcome to the Engine Horsepower Calculator, the efficient tool that helps you calculate and estimate the power of your car's engine with ease. Whether you care about the performance of your current car or are considering buying a new one, this calculator can provide you with accurate statistics about the horsepower of the engine.

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Using our calculator is very simple. Enter key information about your car's engine, such as the number of cylinders, displacement size, and torque. Once you input this data, the calculator will automatically calculate the engine power in horsepower.

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  • Provide accurate estimation of engine performance.
  • Better understanding of the car's power and efficiency.
  • Assistance in making better decisions when buying a new car.

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The following two calculators can be used to estimate the horsepower of the car's engine based on the vehicle weight, elapsed time, and speed used to finish a quarter-mile distance. The weight of the vehicle should include not only the car but also the driver, passenger, and any other significant weight. To estimate the maximum horsepower output, the maximum output from start to finish must be applied. All calculation results are estimates.
Elapsed Time (ET) Method: This method uses the weight of the car and the elapsed time (ET) to finish a quarter-mile (402.3 meters) distance according to the following formula:
Weight / (ET/5.825)^3
Trap Speed Method: This method uses the weight of the vehicle and the speed at which the vehicle covered a quarter-mile (402.3 meters) distance according to the following formula:
Weight * (Speed / 234)^3
The speed used should be the speed reached at the quarter-mile point, not the average speed.

The Elapsed Time (ET) Method

The Trap-Speed Method