Hijri to Gregorian Converter

This online calculator provides an easy way to convert dates from the Hijri to the Gregorian calendar. Simply, the user selects the conversion direction and enters the desired Hijri date. Then, the calculator automatically performs the conversion and presents the converted date in the Gregorian calendar. The result is displayed in two formats: the first in a digital format, and the second by detailing the day, month, and year. This calculator allows users to quickly and accurately obtain converted dates between the Hijri and Gregorian calendars, making it easy to organize times and events in daily life.

Through this calculator, you can enter the date in the Hijri format, and it will convert the entered date to its equivalent in the Arabic Gregorian calendar according to the Umm al-Qura calendar.

Convert Gregorian Date to Hijri Online

Use the online calculator as an effective means to convert dates from the Gregorian to the Hijri calendar. You can easily convert birthdates or important event dates. Simply enter the Gregorian date you want to convert, and the application will automatically perform the conversion and provide the converted date in the Hijri calendar. This conversion is useful in various scenarios, such as registering births in countries that use the Hijri calendar or organizing schedules in environments that use this time system.

Steps for Date Conversion

Use the date converter from Hijri to Gregorian easily. Select the conversion direction, choose the day, month, and year, and then convert it. The correct date is automatically determined according to the calendar you selected by changing the country or choosing the Umm al-Qura calendar.

Practical Application and Example of Date Conversion

The application provides a practical example of converting the birth date of a person born in a foreign country on 15/9/2020. You can use the application to convert this date to the Hijri calendar to register the newborn in Saudi Arabia, for example. By entering the day 15, month 9, and year 2020 into the conversion system, the converted date will appear in various formats, such as 1442-01-28 or 28 Muharram 1442, completing the process successfully.

Benefits of Date Conversion

This calculator offers many benefits, allowing you to use it to convert dates of your events or even official documents. Whether you are planning to travel or organizing your personal events, accurate date conversion meets your needs.